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2D Web Flash Screensaver  2D Web Flash Screensaver

2D Web Flash Screensaver

2D Web Flash Screensaver

2D Web Flash Screensaver




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Online Status Check

Web Saver Screensaver starts by checking if you currently have an Internet connection. If none is detected at the moment, Web Saver Screensaver will animate it's logo on black background.

Embedded Microsoft Internet Explorer

Web Saver Screensaver uses your existing Microsoft Internet Explorer version as the web browser. Updating IE and Web Saver will reflect accordingly.

* Due to the nature of screen savers, Pop-Up web pages are disabled.



Set 3 Start Pages

You can pre-set 3 default web pages as Start Pages. These pages will cycle through at a X number of seconds as defined in the settings window.

* Move mouse will stop the cycle mode.

Quick Launch of your Default Web Browser

Web Saver Screensaver's browser is not meant to replace your web surfing experience. Although main functions are included (back, forward, refresh and search), if you wish to continue surfing the current URL, we recommend clicking the 2D Web Flash Screensaver button. This Quits Web Saver and launch your default web browser. Whether it's IE, Netscape....

Secure Address Bar

Web browsers can also navigate inside your system or to a LAN.
For security reasons, Web Saver's address bar must start with WWW. or  HTTP or HTTPS

Quick Exit

Since we need to allow mouse movements for browsing, hit "Esc" key or moving the mouse to the color bar below the screen to Quit web Saver Screensaver.


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