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Services : 2D & 3D Screen Savers

Use screen savers for advertising promotion!

3D Screensavers

Whether you are in the Entertainment, IT, or any other industry, there is probably a way we can help you promote your products and services.

Free distribution license!

Bundle your products with a screen saver!

With your graphics and our technology, we can help you integrate both elements into a complete screen saver.

According to CNET, screensavers and wallpapers are the most downloaded files on the Internet.
Yahoo reports the words "screensaver" and "wallpaper" have appeared in their "Top 100 Searches" list every week since 1995.

The words "screensaver" and "wallpaper" are searched an average of 85,567 and 67,764 times a day according to internet statistics.
That's over 4 million searches every month!















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A Fun & Efficient Marketing Tool!

Screen savers provide an excellent way to maintain brand awareness and build customer loyalty. Giving your customers an attractive, high-quality screensaver with your logo on each image keeps your company or product name in front of your customers daily. The frequency is enormous.

We can build you a custom screensaver using your own images, or we can help design it for you.

In addition, we can make it possible for customers to visit your website through hyperlinks to your website to find more information.

Need a special feature on your screen saver? Let us know what you require and we will get back to you ASAP.

3D Screensavers

Find a movie or game website, and you'll probably see them giving out free screen savers. Why? It's a great marketing channel, and it works!

Dress up your PC with your favorite movie star, or game theme. It's just a way to pamper your desktop.


It is the truth. Ask us for our rates. It won't cost you anything to make an enquiry, plus you gain another option for your
marketing and advertising  possibilities.

Contact us for enquiries.